financeAt GPH & ASSOCIATES, our mission is to use our accounting expertise to help your business meet its simple to complex accounting and bookkeeping needs. We are mindful that your accounting needs are unique to your business. We will work with you to tailor your needs in order to provide the best service that will meet those needs. Our goal is to reach business owners and individuals with our skills and expertise  to help them accomplish their financial goals.
We don’t want to be just your number cruncher; we want to be a trusted resource that will help you stay the course with peace of mind, protection and prevention.

GPH & ASSOCIATES as a contractor offering accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses, mid-size businesses, as well as individuals. Using analytics and extensive experience we bring new ideas and insightful analysis to businesses which helps then increase revenue, reduce costs, identify tax and other financial risks. You will not have to hire a bookkeeping employee, pay for benefits and withholds taxes in order to have a reliable, efficient and timely payable processing, a fast clients invoicing and or engaged collection handling that will reduce your Aging days and collection issues.


As president and founder of GPH & ASSOCIATES, Hortense Oros has extensive experience in the accounting field, including industry experience as a senior accountant, staff account, billing management and corporate collections specialist. She has worked with accounting software such as Sage Mass 500, Great Plains, QuickBooks, ACCPAC, Carevoyant(Infosys), FRX, Solomon and Microsoft Excel. In addition to her industry experience, she holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts.

She comes from a family that instilled in her the importance of hard work, self-improvement, and dedication.  Raised by her grandparents she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her first “business” when she was 8 years old selling beverages made by  grandfather. Her greatest clients were other parents, because they admired her hard work to help her grandpa,as well as her humbleness, and drive to succeed.

She continued using her entrepreneurial skills during the school year and carried small items in her school bag and sold them at school to her classmates. At age 17, she had her own food vending stand where she did business on weekends and holidays. She loves and treasures the opportunity to be an entrepreneur because it has always allows her to help others, and support her in building her future.