Our Services go beyond the basics of accounting and finances. We help healthcare providers with their unique needs and goals. With extensive experience in medical billing and collection, we understand the frustration that healthcare providers endure in getting paid for their hard work. We are here to help Healthcare providers reduce claim denials, collect quicker and improve their Cash Flow and Net Profit.

Our approach to improve your cash flow issues:

  1. Evaluate your billing and collection procedures
  2. Identify collection and billing bottlenecks
  3. Development of improved procedures
  4. Partner with you to implement improvements

Benefit of our services:

  • Increase your collected revenue by 5% to 15% increase per month
  • Increase your Cash Flow
  • Decrease number of rejects and decrease payment receipt cycle
  • Save employee training cost
  • For New Practices – Relief from daily stress of launching a new practice
  • Become the practice to want to work for and retain great employees

Pricing information for Collection Services

One of the key benefits of our services is that we only get paid after we successfully collect. We earn our money by taking a percentage of the money the debtor owes upon successful collection. Our fees are usually based on a sliding scale based on the age of the debt. Older debts can be more difficult to collect. Therefore we require higher fee for the job. As rule of thumb, the riskier the debt, the higher the fee.

Our Experience and Results

  • Reducing days outstanding by 58% in 2 months.
  • 8 years experience in Healthcare industry as Revenue/Billing manager and collections specialist.
  • Increased Revenue by $20,000 per month with diligent research and verifications
  • Strong knowledge of medical terminology, medical software, CPT coding, ICD-10, CM1500 and forms UB-04 along manual invoice creations for exceptions.
  • Highly experienced in reconciling insurance and patient accounts and resolving account disputes.
  • Dedicated to maintaining strict patient confidentiality and maintaining strong relationship with providers.
  • Detail oriented, focused professional medical biller/collection experience.
  • Successful records tracking and handling all aspects of the billing procedure.

Additional information about our Billing and collection approaches:


  • Fast claim submissions
  • ICD-10 and CPT codes ready


  • Denials appeals
  • Investigate old claims and get them paid
  • Extensive and persistence follow-up
  • Patient balance collection
  • Patient account reconciliation and Statement